Molecular tools with G3PD mammalian gene application as quality control sample for diagnosis of leishmaniasis

Project 559

Problem to be solved

  • Need to develop a more reliable technique for qualitative and quantitative diagnosis that allows the monitoring of patients.
  • Improve the knowledge on parasite load and parasite interaction with the host.
  • Epidemiological studies to improve control measures.
  • False negative result of the final diagnosis in human or animal patient with leishmaniasis.
  • High cost of reagents for diagnosis of leishmaniasis.

Proposed innovation

  • High-tech tools for accurate diagnosis based on PCR and real-time PCR applied in the evaluation of sample quality control and extract control simultaneously to the specific detection of Leishmania infantum / Leishmania braziliensis.
  • Real time PCR system with the best molecular target for specific detection of L. braziliensis.
  • New diagnosis method for the national network of referral services in leishmaniasis.


    Multiplex diagnostic technology with controls of the DNA method and sample quality.

Stage of development

    Laboratory prototype

What we want



    Milena de Paiva Cavalcanti – CPqAM


    Gestec/VPPIS – phone: 21 3882 9099/ 3882 9120 or portfolio@fiocruz.br