Specific diagnosis test for febrile syndrome caused by Mayaro virus

Project 544

Problem to be solved
Serious public health problem in rural and forest areas where it is misdiagnosed as other viruses that can become current in the urban environment. Currently, it is a reportable disease, which early symptoms of flu can be confused with those caused by other viruses such as dengue, Oropuche, the Nile fever etc.

Proposed innovation
A more specific and sensitive diagnosis test for large-scale use by combining sequences of synthetic peptides, which characterize epitopes, with the biosensor technology.


  • Biosensors providing quantitative tests unlike the IDTS immunochromatographic tests for target disease.
  • Portable system that enables performing field-tests by non-specialized professionals.
  • Unique product in the country.
  • Technology of easy scale and with the possibility of expanding the market for the diagnosis of other diseases..
  • Stage of development
    Pre-clinical validity

    What we want

    Salvatore Giovanni de Simone / CDTS

    Gestec/VPPIS – phone: 21 3882 9099/ 3882 9120 or portfolio@fiocruz.br