Production process of antiretroviral Efavirenz


Production process of antiretroviral Efavirenz

Project 33

Problem to be solved:
• Low solubility of antiretroviral Efavirenz for the treatment of AIDS
• Variability in the quality of raw material

Proposed Innovation:
• Tablets with less variability considering dissolution characteristics
• Higher quality control

• Better dissolution of the product
• Less quality variation due to raw material
• Production process susceptible to scale up and of common use
• Used in pediatric formulations

Development status:

Intellectual property status:
No patent protection

Technology transfer status:
Prospecting partnership

Helvécio Vinícius Antunes Rocha / Farmanguinhos

Gestec/VPPIS – Phone: 21 3882-9099 / 3882-9120 or