Use of diethylcarbamazine – DEC as lung and liver anti-inflammatory

Project 558

Problem to be solved

  • Acute, chronicle (such as asthma), obstructive pulmonary inflammation, and fibrosis.
  • Liver inflammation induced by alcoholism.
  • Proposed innovation

      Diethylcarbamazine interferes with the metabolism of the arachidonic acid by inhibiting the enzymes of cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase ways. It inhibits the signaling way of NF-kB significantly blocking the production of proinflammatory cytokines, acting as a potent anti-inflammatory drug.


    • Presents low cost when compared with the therapies currently used.
    • As it is a drug widely used in the treatment of filariasis, preclinical tests will not be necessary.
    • As it does not present the side effects produced by glucocorticoids, it should act with more safety than anti-inflammatory drugs available in the market.

    Stage of development

      In vivo test (murine model)

    What we want

      Seeking partnership for conducting clinical trials and drug formulation.


      Christina Alves Peixoto/ CPqAM


      Gestec/VPPIS – phone: 21 3882 9099/ 3882 9120 or