Bank of extracts of biodiversity medicinal species

Project 441

Problem to be solved

    Lack of a national program of studies with medicinal plants, herbal medicines and services from a bank of extracts of biodiversity that includes the list of 71 species of plants with potential to generate products for the public health system published by the Ministry of Health.

    Proposed innovation

    • Organization of a bank of extracts that represents the Brazilian biodiversity as a basis for studies on production of herbal medicines and/or herbal drugs.
    • Extracts with botanical, genetics and chemical certification, to develop innovative herbal medicines.
    • Geographic reference emphasizing national medicinal plants of interest of the public health system (RENISUS).


        Inclusion of medicinal plants, herbal medicines and services related to phytotherapy in the public health system (SUS) with security, efficiency and quality.

    Stage of development

          Prospective research

    What we want

            Provision of services


              Cristiane Silva Silveira / Farmanguinhos


              Gestec/VPPIS – phone: 21 3882 9099/ 3882 9120 or