Trap to monitor and control Culex mosquitoes


Trap to monitor and control Culex mosquitoes

Project 80

Problem to be solved:
• Mosquitoes as vectors of diseases
• A large number of natural and artificial breeding sites
• The discomfort caused by mosquitoes noise and bites

Proposed Innovation:
• Trap to attract pregnant female mosquitoes to oviposition
• Mimicking of natural and artificial sites of oviposition
• Combined use of biological larvicide

• Use of physical and chemical factors to attract mosquitoes
• Low-cost production
• For domestic or in field use
• No electric power source is necessary
• Tool for entomological studies and vector surveillance

Development status:

Intellectual property status:
No patent protection

Technology transfer status:
Prospecting partnership

Rosângela Maria Rodrigues Barbosa / CPqAM

Gestec/VPPIS – Phone: 21 3882-9099 / 3882-9120 or