Device to maintain venous puncture


Device to maintain venous puncture 

Project 25C

Problem to be solved:

  • Difficulty in immobilizing patients during therapy or intravenous hydration
  • Catheter removalduringintravenous therapy
  • Use of inappropriate materials to immobilize the patient

Proposed Innovation:
Rigid device to completely immobilize the limb during the venous puncture and after it.


  • Minimizes sequelae
  • Helps in the therapy process
  • More comfort for patients
  • Easy cleaning through washing, autoclaving and other methods
  • Coated with synthetic semiimpermeable fabric

Development status:

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Prospecting partnership 

Sérgio Fernandes / IFF

Gestec/VPPIS – Phone: 21 3882-9099 / 3882-9120 or