Cushion to keep patient in decubitus position


Cushion to keep patient in decubitus position

 Project 25H

Problem to be solved:
Pressure sores or skin lesions in long term bedridden patients 

Proposed Innovation:

  • Since it minimizes pain and activates blood circulation, the cushion provides comfort and relaxation for the patient
  • The device avoids bending of the spine and can be a substitute for a pillow 


  • Supports patient to change decubitus position
  • Promotes comfort
  • Favors treatment
  • Avoids skin lesions 

Development status:

Intellectual property status:
No patent protection 

Technology transfer status:
Prospecting partnership 

Sergio Fernandes / IFF

Gestec/VPPIS – Phone: 21 3882-9099 / 3882-9120 or