Care and support program for families of ostomized children

Project 84 

Problem to be solved:

  • Fragility of families with ostomized children
  • Lack of specific information to take care of the ostomized child

Proposed Innovation:

  • Doll with the devices used in the treatment of ostomized patients
  • Attention and guidance program for families of ostomized children
  • Educational handbook


  • Dialogue-based and reflexive educational program as a model for attention and care
  • Approach based on care-teach attitude fosters autonomy
  • Reorientation of the model of care
  • Focus on soft technology of welcoming

Development status:
Productive sector of goods and services 

Intellectual property status:
No patent protection 

Technology transfer status:
Prospecting partnership

Noelia Silva Ladislau Leite / IFF

Gestec/VPPIS – Phone: 21 3882-9099 / 3882-9120 or