Quality Seal for Health Information Provided on the Internet

Project 579

Problem to be solved

    Health information provided on the Internet has little credibility. There are innumerous websites about health/diseases, welfare, and quality of life content produced by organizations or individuals without any kind of assessment whatsoever. Many of them show inaccurate, contradictory, incorrect, incomprehensible and also false information that may pose a threat to people’s health

Proposed innovation

  • The product proposed consists of a Quality Seal for Health Information Provided on the Internet to be offered to websites that comply with 80% of the established criteria
  • This is a dialog-based process involving SUS (Brazilian Unified Health System) users, such as
  • researchers, citizens, and Fiocruz professionals, that will collaborate and help create indicators and assess information

  • Available at


    Indicators and assessment results are provided in a transparent manner so that the websites being assessed are able to identify their level of compliance with each item and, then, make the necessary changes

Development phase

  • Protocol for the assessment tool used to assess dengue fever websites
  • An assessment tool is being developed to assess tuberculosis and mother breastfeeding websites

Our goals
Enter into partnership with the National Board of Municipal Health Divisions – CONASEMS and the National Board of State Health Divisions – CONAS

André de Faria Pereira Neto / ENSP (National Public Health School)

Gestec/VPPIS – phone: 21 3882 9099/ 3882 9120 or