Georeferencing software of species of the Brazilian biodiversity for development of herbal medicines – SISPAF

Project 422

Problem to be solved
Shortage of organized data on the Brazilian plant diversity, especially in the areas of botany, chemistry and genetics, research and development of herbal medicines.

Proposed innovation
Software of georeferenced database that shows the relationship between ecosystems and the production of useful secondary metabolites in the development of phytopharmaceuticals and herbal medicines.

App developed from prototyping the specificities of users in different Brazilian biomes, providing a vision of technological development and regional innovation with participatory and cooperative character.

Stage of development
Ongoing maintenance and pilot implementation in Herbal Medicine Agroecological Platform – PAF of the Core of Biodiversity and Health Management -NGBS / Farmaguinhos, located at the Reference Center Prof. Hélio Fraga and Campus Fiocruz of the Atlantic Forest.

What we want
Partnership to optimize the process of computerization, gradually evolving into the online environment.

Glauco de Kruse Villas Boas / Farmanguinhos

Gestec/VPPIS – phone: 21 3882 9099/ 3882 9120 or